Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Thing

This here is the cover to X-23 #14, part 2 of the FF arc, with amazing interiors by the lovely and talented Phil Noto.

Sometimes, a cover demands a ton of laborious detail to convey its idea (see last month's) resulting in endless windows, bricks, debris, or, ocasionally, French RAGE zombies. But other times, the concept is so simple and elegant it stands on its own, and any additional bells and whistles would only distract.

Luckily, this was one of those.
Here's a Mighty Marvel Fun Fact: Did you know the Thing (pictured above) is only 6' tall? I didn't! (Clearly.) According to some cursory research, this means that: Nick Fury, Doctor Strange (!), Gambit, Longshot, Cyclops, Margali (Nightcrawler's adopted mom), Hawkeye, Cable, and the Litterbug, are all taller than the Thing

I don't actually know who the Litterbug is. I have never read a comic with him in it. But I do now know he is 5 inches taller than the Thing.

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