Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Modern: Djurdevic styles!
 Hey, wow! A cover that matches the logo! It's the cover art to X-23 #13 featuring the luckiest character in the Marvel U, the Amazing Spider-man!

He's so lucky that New York is literally crumbling around him. Crumbling into tiny bits, all of which are getting sucked into that terrifying icon looming in the roiling orange sky! Roiling orange skies never portend good things. Lucky things he's lucky!
Classic: Ditko styles!
 There was some debate about what he should be wearing at this pivotal moment, and so I decided to hedge my bets and do both outfits. I am a huge fan of those swanky hex-tastic new FF costumes, but where foreshortening is concerned, you can't beat that webbing grid for really popping a limb!

Which grabs you guys more?
Lots and lots of bricks, and rocks, and window frames, and broken glass and...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great cover(s)! Both are awesome but I have a slight preference for the FF suit cover as the white really pops against the background. However, if we're just talking Spidey costumes, nothing beats the red and blue as the best ever.

Chris O'Halloran said...

the FF suit seems to stick out more to me and therefore brings attention to spider-man. the regular one seems to blend into the background a little too well

Mark Liebrecht said...

He needs the old Fantastic Four costume with the paper bag mask!

Anonymous said...

I definitely prefer the FF costumes. They're pretty slick, and the FF run thus far has been nothing short of stellar. I can't wait till the issue of X-23 hits shelves, so I can actually see the ink in person.

Kalman said...

Thanks for weighing in everybody. It is undeniable that the white suit pops much better against all that warm orange.