Friday, March 30, 2012

A Coda in Wolfsong

So who killed that wolf?
This is the cover for the final issue of X-23, issue #21, out a couple weeks ago now. And that means it's finally time for me to write this post, the one I've been dreading, because writing it means it's really over. X-23 is all done.

This cover run will go down as one of my favorite assignments. A little bit because of the character --as an X-Men kid, and a Wolverine kid, she's right up my alley, a little bit because I figured some shit out on in my own head during this gig, both about myself as a creator and a professional, but mostly due to the people involved . The team had a rapport and... I want to say synergy here, but I have railed against people who use that word in earnest... Let's just say we had something special here.

And I think it showed in the book, I think we surprised everyone. All involved brought their best to the table, and made me proud to add my small part to something so awesome, you all know who you are.

In particular, though, I need to give some props here to Jeanine Schaefer editor extraordinaire, and the real star of the show Marjorie Liu. And most especially, to Jody Leheup, for commissioning this way back at the beginning, as an inventory cover originally, just so I could scratch my digital painting itch.

An alternate color scheme was explored.

The original sketch. I just started working over this in digital paint. No pencils, no inks.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


It's the cover for Irredeemable #35, and Plutonian is very very angry. This one was fun, really liberating to just bang away with the pencil.

Earlier, slightly looser version.