Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More NYX Press, this time with art...

A whole new interview about NYX, with pretty much everyone involved in it but me (not bitter, just sayin'), just went up at Check it here.

The best part is that they posted like 6 pages along with it. That last one I handed in just yesterday...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hulk... shoot?!!?

So our entire studio (along with some friends of the 'family') got tapped by the Paradise Convention people to do badge art for their upcoming show, and since Herb Trimpe is the guest of honour, the order of the day was all things Hulk.
I chose the new red Hulk, and didn't get even the tiniest bit of ridicule from my mates, much to my surprise.
Now it's no secret that one of the things I hate to draw most are guns (right after chains, cars, and hands, in that order) and I quickly realised that that being the case, I chose the wrong Hulk, but there you go.
Still, it was really satisfying to take a piece from start to finish in a matter of a couple of hours. No sketch approval, no elaborate camera angles, just me, my pen, and the Hulk.
And his gun.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Or Minuits, if you're French.

The character designs that follow were done while galavanting around Argentina for five weeks in January of this year. The project (See above title, in the language of your choice) is a sci-fi/spy-fi series set in near-future Hong Kong. The creator and writer is the always effervescent Sebastien Latour. The format is Bande Desinee, french-language graphic album. And the mad rush that necessitated drawing in hotels and cabins was in order to get art together for the pitch session in Angouleme.

The project did indeed find a home, but ultimately morphed into a quarterly anthology series. I may still possibly draw a volume next year if all the ducks line up, but at this point someone else will be designing the cast, which, as I understand it, has undergone some major revisions anyway.
Which means you guys get to see art.