Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some NYX Press...

IGN has posted a brief roundtable interview with the whole NYX 2.0 gang. Check it here.

No new art there though.

Just sayin'.

For that you're going to have to keep on coming back here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I'm back from New York in one piece (mostly).

It was announced Friday at the Mondo Marvel panel that there is a new NYX series slated for August release, and that I'm doing it. The preview page above was colored by the magnificent John Rauch, who will be coloring the entire series, and the writer is Marjorie Liu, a paranormal romance author new to comics. You can find out more about these fine folks under the collaborators heading.

I'm a good chunk into issue 1, and I'm finding the nuts and bolts of this project to be satisfying in a way that none of my previous work-for-hire has been. I guess I just find cute, hip teenage girls more fun to draw than angry men punching each other. Who knew?

The whole studio went down, and we even arranged a few days on either side of the show to spend some time in New York. Last year we did the usual con hit-and-run thing, hardly left the vicinity of the Javitz, and came home asking ourselves if we'd even been to New York.

Some highlights of awesome from the trip:
  • Porter airlines- Upstart commuter airline flying out of downtown Toronto. We decided to give it a try. No $50 cab ride to the sticks, no line ups, no bullshit, complementary wi-fi and continental breakfast in the lounge, as well as fantastic graphic design. A++
  • Clement Sauve's Pantheon City Pencils- I could have spent all three days just staring at them.
  • Drinking with Kwanza- I could elaborate here, but it's very simple really, Dude introduced us to some fantastic people, and some fantastic bars.
  • Galaxy Rangers out on DVD- We never got this in Canada, but every visit to the states I made sure to catch an episode. Now I can have them all.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Unkown - Teen Love in Space

I just finished this piece of cover art yesterday, and I thought I'd post it, since that's what blogs are for. It was commissioned by writer Len Kody, it's for his sci-fi/horror/teen-angst project The Unkown. See detail below.

I'm in a maelstrom of angst myself as I desperately try to get half an issue in the can before I head off for the New York Comicon next week. Half an issue of what, you ask? Sorry, I can't tell you. I hate to be a douche, but there it is.

It will be announced at the show though, so at the most you have 7 days of suspense to endure.
I'll give you hint though: It's got mutants in it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vampires, Hunters, and Addicts, oh my!

A few months back I was asked to audition for a pencilling job on Marvel's adaptations of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novels. Since the series was already underway, they asked me (and the several other artists they approached) to use the existing character designs and even try to emulate the style of the departing series artist.

With my silver tongue, I managed to talk them out of the latter requirement, but could make no headway on the former one. Still, it was a fun couple of days.
I accepted a Countdown-related gender-bender extravaganza for DC shortly after doing these, which put me out of the running. In any case, I don't think my art was to the author's taste.
Ron Lim got the gig.