Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Thing about the Cover to R.E.B.E.L.S. 16 is...'s actually 3 covers.

Stay with me. It started off like this (this is what you saw if you checked out the appropriate issue of PREVIEWS):

Also, unbeknownst to you, before I started as the regular cover artist on R.E.B.E.L.S. I was commissioned to create this inventory cover:
It was kind of a test, but it never got used. (Personally, I thought it would have made a handsome cover for the first trade collection, but no one asked me because I'm not running the company yet.)

What on Maltus does this have to do with the cover to 16, you ask?
Well, at the 11th hour, approval came down from on high to put the two newest members of the R.E.B.E.L.S., who join in #16, on the cover. What's the big deal about these two?

They're Green Lanterns. And these days, the Green in Green Lanterns stands for greenbacks, or cash money, as the kids say. Also, notice the poster they're bursting through? My clever editor came up with a great way to make use of that inventory cover (the team line-up has changed enough that it's not really usable as-is) and save me a few grey hairs on the tight turnaround in the process.


Jeremy said...

That's how you use the whole Buffalo, sir!

So did you add the Green Lanterns to the page or did someone else?

Kalman said...

It is indeed. It was all me. The GLs were designed by the interior artist, Claude St. Aubin though.


Georgeous covers, all of them!

Yes, I agree, it would have been perfect if they had used the original for the first trade, but I'm glad it didn't go to waste :)

Any chance of posting the final cover a bit bigger? The link doesn't seem to work.

Kalman said...

Whoops, my bad. The final cover is all fixed now and links to a full size image, just like the other two.


Thanks, Kalman. Much appreciated :)