Saturday, May 15, 2010

Drink'n Draw

Went to my first Toronto drink'n draw at the Black Bull last Wednesday. These are held more or less weekly and are put together by the conjoined efforts of Marcio Takara and Marcus To, and are open to all.

A good time was had, and I met some cool folk. I set myself the challenge of trying to draw the cast of a certain soon-to-be-completed TV series from memory. I offer you here, the most successful of the lot.

It occurs to me now, that he was actually talking to Ben when he said this, but that's what you get when you doff the reference.


Mattruss said...

I love lost and that is a great likeness from memory. Awesome picture! Would love to see the other characters too, pretty please :)

Fr said...


I would like to know if a Drink'n Draw event is scheduled this wednesday.
Thanks in advance,