Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A note on the scarf...

So I received a letter from an NYX reader with an unusual question today. He was kind enough to let me post his email, along with my answer, which will hopefully serve to allay any similar concerns anyone out there may have.

The email:

Hello Kalman,

I just picked up the latest issue of NYX, in which you were the artist, and was a little concerned to see Kiden wearing a keffiyah, a show of solidarity with Palestinian terrorism. Was this your intention or is this a misunderstanding?

I look forward to hearing back from you

And my response:

Hey Dan,

Thanks for picking up the book, and for writing.

There is absolutely no political agenda at work here. Whatever the keffiyah may mean to Palestinians, or to you, or to Israelis etc., it's undeniable that here in North America it has become a ubiquitous fashion item among urban teen hipsters. I'm not really able to speak for said hipsters, but I'm certain 99% of them are against terrorism of any kind, Palestinian or otherwise. As am I, for the record.

My decision to dress Kiden in this scarf, simply boils down to the fact that she is an urban teen hipster, and I made her fashion choices reflect her time and her subculture. It's pretty safe to say that if asked, Kiden would have no sympathy for terrorism in any form. Furthermore, she, like most urban teen hipsters, would probably be unaware and unconcerned with the issues of the Middle East, and probably equally unaware of the origins of, what to her and her peers, is an apolitical fashion accessory.

All the best,

And there you have it.


The den Boers said...

This again?


The den Boers said...

Kalman, just admit your love for Rachel Ray. Everyone know how much of an inspiration she is to you.