Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Collision! part 2 of 2 (Or: I Learned Things.)

The final. Original art still available!
 Cover art to X-23 #9, part of the Collision crossover with the Daken book.

What can I say? For a seemingly simple cover, this one took a lot of twisting and turning to get out the door. This is a moment I've wanted to show for a while, and I was going for an intense stand-off, but I'm not sure the body language is selling it.

Finding the right color scheme took many passes as well, the journey from magenta to brown had many stops and side-trips.
An earlier version, as appearing in Previews. I dunno, I thought I was Benjamin or something. Or Jim C.
I'm reasonably pleased with the Daken (although the physical copy printed so red he looks sunburnt) but getting my flat style of rendering to 'work' on Laura, at such a large size was a whole other challenge.

In the end, it is what it is. I learned things.

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Anonymous said...

Very awesome! It is is what it is, and at the very least you pulled something from the experience to further your art down the road. Either way I think it's a great piece.