Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Collision! 1 of 2

Cat added in post. My editorial crew and I agree, the addition of cats improves almost anything.
Out this past Wednesday, X-23 #8 featuring Daken, son of Wolverine!

It takes place on one of my favorite locales of the Marvel UMadripoor (Which, as a child, I'd always mix up with Majipoor. Careful kids, we are deep in the nerd zone now.

You can see the favor by how much love and attention is paid to the environment in this image. How utterly unlike so much of my other work...

Also of note: This issue and the next one, both parts of the Collision! crossover, are beautifully drawn by one Mr. Ryan Aloysius Montgomery Stegman. Check this out, if only for him. He is ninja.

See? No cat. Also: available! (hint hint)


j.s. Kociuba said...

Was the environment all by hand or did you get assistance from that program you used in NYX?

kalman said...

The program you're talking about is google sketchup. I love it so.

but no, I didn't use sketchup for this cover. All by hand.

Thanks for the question!

j.s. Kociuba said...

Thanks for answering... seriously I take notes on all your answers. So I'm very thankful for you to spend some time on responding. On a side note I love your covers but there seems to be this trend were amazing artist never do a whole comic anymore. Will you ever break that trend any time in the near future?