Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo Ref Wednesdays No.3

Welcome back, my friends to our newest (Semi)weekly feature, wherein I post embarrassing photos of myself, taken in the hopes of capturing a certain je ne sais quoi for the art. All for the art...

Oh to be that young and that thin again, but with all the suave yet charmingly brash confidence I now possess...  (You can't see me, but I'm rolling my eyes at myself as I type this.) So here I am as both the Chief and the Sniper! The girl I managed to work out on my own, without the aid of a camera.

This was the first pro gig where I used a significant amount of photo reference. My art director, who was just not feeling the reality or weight of the drawings I was submitting, kept sending me back to the drawing board, over and over, and finally suggested I take some pictures.

So I ate those 4 small pomegranate seeds. What harm could they do? 

It made a huge difference to that particular illustration, and it definitely transformed my working process on every piece thereafter.  Bold step forward or the beginning of the road to hell? Probably not for me to say...

I was commissioned to create a background city-map, which curiously, is also based on a photo. In the end they went with their own image (see below) so this is the official debut of that unused map!
The final cover, featuring Other Map.

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