Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh Hot Moo!

At last! I can finally reveal my new regular cover gig: Marvel Universe A to Z Updates!!
This is a nerdgasm of the first order for me. Back when I was wee kid, I read more Marvel Universe comics than actual comics, and it was a secret dream of mine to one day contribute to one. Once I started working in the industry, that even seemed possible.
But in the intervening time a few things had changed. They'd switched from commissioning original character art for the entries to clipping and/or redrawing panels from the comics.
So that's that, thought I. But then one day I got an email asking me to do covers... *shudder.*
Best of all it's for the update books, which means that each issue is chock-full of all the oddballs and morts that I love. For instance on the above cover I got to draw Gladiator, Nimrod AND Xemnu the Titan. Xemnu the fucking Titan!!
Next issue: American Eagle, Fat Cobra, and Pixie... booyah!

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