Monday, June 1, 2009

A Candied Bacon Testimonial

Despite being one of the most erratic and inconsistent bloggers I've ever met, I've somehow found myself enough in demand to be doing some guest blogging.

Step on over to pageslap to read my heartfelt candied bacon elocution. Wait... candied what? Relax, just read the original post and learn what all the fuss was about. Of course, to really find out, you'll just have to make some yourself, and then post your heartfelt testimonial.

Pageslap is the blog of Nicole Stamp, a ninja of the acting and the Lara Croft of internet strangeness.


Anansi(Kedd) said...

Candied bacon is the food of the gods. Candied bacon wrapped around baked chicken is even better

Kalman said...

Nice! I suspect almost anything could be improved by wrapping candied bacon around it.