Monday, January 12, 2009

The other Flash

Welcome my friends to the first of many studio sketch-offs. Yes that's right, after a hiatus of almost two years, we're back in action. We're going to try to keep them up every Monday, as a way to keep sharp, get the work week rolling right, and to offer a momentary escape from our various obligations.
Today's topic: Flash Gordon. Participating today: Action Andy B and Ragin' Ramon Perez, and, of course, me, your humble narrator.
Being a child of the 80's, Flash to me will always be a flaxen haired Sam Jones, in tight, tight pants. But that's just me! The beauty of the sketch-off is, you can interpret the topic any way you want! For my studiomates' interpretations click here and here.
The verdict? I'm rusty. These'll be good for me.


Forte VFX said...

Better than a certain other "Flash Gordon" career destroying project! :-D

Kalman said...

I saw that you worked on that, but I've never actually seen the show. Did it... did it ruin you? ;)