Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Queen Takes Pawn

So I'm burning the midnight oil tonight, which is not at all unusual, but it makes for a nice opener. NYX #3 is out this Wednesday at finer comics selling establishments. In honour of that fact, I'm posting nothing at all to do with NYX!

Even after all this time, I haven't added my Checkmate cover run to my gallery. Yeah, I'll cop -- I'm lazy, and way more concerned with drawing new things, but since I can't post new things here yet, here's a tast of that run, out from the archives.

Checkmate marked my first regular comics gig working on something I actually enjoyed as a reader (NYX is the second such gig), so it was an important turning point, at least for me. The cover to #21 (second from the bottom here) is probably my favorite image from the run.

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E said...

The cover for #21 is fantastic, I agree. I also finally picked up NYX and I am LOVING the art! Great job!