Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NYX preview art

At last! Huzzah! W00t w00t!

All right, all right. I know I promised you art here first and then got scooped by Newsarama, but look there's art here now. All of the art from that interview, in fact. Which, incidentally, seems to have vanished off the Newsarama servers, at least for today.
But you gotta cut me some slack, because the reason I haven't been posting, is that I've been drawing, and really, you'd rather have me doing that, wouldn't you?

So here I am working hard to save you clicks. And if you did click over there and find nothing but red X's where the art should be, well I sincerely apologize on behalf of Newsarama.

But we're still friends, right?


Gideon said...

Kick Ass Kal...

Awesome work.

ADC said...

dude. this ish looks tyt. lol. ;)

The den Boers said...

Just a couple more months till it's in printed form!