Monday, March 31, 2008

Fall of the House of Hor

Welcome to my first-ever solo blog.

What happened you ask?
Nothing dramatic, really. Everyone's still friends.

It was just time.

Until I get my pimpin' new site up, my gallery is right where it always was. And this will be my new blog. Does that mean I will post more?


Come on, I'm a comic artist. Any pronouncements I may make about time, timing, future activities, and the volume of said future activities is, well, to be taken lightly at best.

But I'm sitting on a mountain of unposted art. And blogger makes posting art so easy.

And now I have this huge empty blog to fill up.

In the meantime, has morphed into, Brenden is making beautiful music at, and Matt is still at Go check them all out and say 'hi'.

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